Become A BeadCreator Guru

Posted by Andrew Simmons on

Our BeadCreator Guru program's directive is to help potential new customers learn about BeadCreator from folks like themselves, who understand how to bead and how BeadCreator will aid them in their design process. We have up to 150 visitors a day to the BeadCreator website who are looking for more information on our software, and we just don’t have enough time to get to all of them, hence the development of our Guru program.

As potential customers visit our BeadCreator website, they are prompted to input their email address, name, and zip code into a box to receive more information on our software. From there, we automatically generate a set of emails (a minimum of 5 of them over several days) which will “originate” from the email address we have on file from the closest BeadCreator Guru to that potential customer. These customers are then be able to respond to you directly to ask questions about our software.

As a BeadCreator Certified Guru, you will have access to the following items to help you promote your knowledge of BeadCreator software:


-       Listed on our website at as a Certified BeadCreator Guru

-       Custom email address (i.e.

-       Custom URL

-       Dashboard to input email addresses for leads, so you're credited when they purchase

-       Customized geo-location email campaigns based upon the proximity of the customer to your location

-       Priority scheduling for remote installations, for your sales of BeadCreator

-       On-demand training from our trainers to you, as needed

-       The right to use the term “Certified BeadCreator Guru” during each 12-month period

-       BeadCreator subsidizes you at bead shows and markets (requires prior approval)

-       All support issues will continue to be handled by BeadCreator staff.


In return, we will provide you with a commission on each sale made through the BeadCreator website, based upon your involvement with the sale.

We will also pay you a share of any additional training the customer wishes to purchase, with the percentage of the sale based upon your level of membership at BeadCreator.

You will also receive two hard copies of our software that you can sell at bead shows, meetings, user groups, etc., that you might participate in, in the next 12 months, in which you can keep 100% of the sale price of the software. (You will be able to purchase additional copies at our standard wholesale rate, should you wish to restock. Please note that the copies of our software you sell must comply with our standard MAP pricing guidelines.) The software will be shipped to you following completion of your Certified Gurustatus being approved.

The cost to participate is $195 per year. You must be a Lifetime Member or a Founders Club member to participate, and membership must be established prior to participation. If you are not a Lifetime member, you may join by clicking here.

We are also extending this to our overseas customers, so if you are in Germany or another country in Europe, Asia or Australia, you may participate. We currently have Gurus in Australia and Germany.

To start the process of being a Certified BeadCreator Guru, click here


Please note that we limit the number of Gurus to an average of two per state, so the following states are not available to have an additional Guru in them: Minnesota, Arizona, Northern California, Northern Australia.

States approaching maximum number of Gurus: Oklahoma, Kansas, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Kentucky, Ohio, North Carolina, New Jersey, Delaware. Countries: Germany.