Jo Ogden

Born and raised in Montana, I have called Seeley-Swan Valley home since the mid 80’s.  As far back as I can remember, I have collected rocks and for that matter animals.  Now I have combined both by beading animal pictures and sculptures and decorating them with stone and glass beads.  I have been beading for about 15 years and using Beadcreator since 2010 to make my own pattern.  Usually, I do tapestries, but I have been working on smaller purses and earrings.

After buying the beads to make a necklace, beads became an outlet and an obsession.   Falling in love with a beaded elk picture at a bead store, I knew I had to try it.  After trying several smaller animal patterns, I was hooked with the best excuse ever for collecting rocks.   My time is spent creating my own patterns and then bringing them to life, often with my Siberians, Elessar and Belle, sleeping nearby.  Using beads to create a picture, you are not limited to just one perspective.  You can enjoy both sides, and as the light changes, so do the colors.  The beads seem to glow from within.