Kelly Chyrklund

The first time I saw a peyote amulet bag. I was in a bead shop in WI. about 18 years ago. It was a picture of Santa 1x1 inch 32 colors. I thought it was the prettiest thing I had ever seen. Then I purchased books that I beaded by the colored graph patterns. I made a lot of errors. Then I took a chance and purchased a pattern that was a word chart. That was it… I never looked back. 

I’ve been using Bead Creator since 2001. I have done projects that I’m not so proud of, but it was a learning process.  Andrew at Bead Creator was very patient with me for the first couple years. Andrew- Thank You.

I work part-time at a local hospital doing patient registration in the emergency dept. I witness miracles and see sadness all the time. At times, I bead to reflect, other times- to forget.

I think beading is a lot like life. There are rules to live by.

  1. Don’t bleed on the work.
  2. Let there be light… Lots of it!
  3. When you come across a knot---Stop pulling! Take the time to work it out.
  4. Love thy husband- He puts up with a lot. Fast food and a messy house. Sometimes, all I can think about are the beads.

When I start a tapestry. I pray that God gives me the patience and perseverance to complete the piece. And the wisdom to live with the mistakes I can’t change. I hope visiting the Bead Creator site sparks your passion for workin' the beads.