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Perler Bead Contest

BeadCreator is having a "Design With Perler" bead contest, with a cash prize of $100 for the best design created and executed in Perler Beads.

To enter, you must first create a design using the Perler Bead palette. If you do not have the palette, request it by opening a support ticket.

Once you create your design, you'll need to make it using the Perler beads. These are inexpensive beads that are placed onto a clear plastic pegboard using either a Perler Pen or by hand. You can purchase them from Amazon, click on any of the links below to see the cost and/or to order.

Perler Pen - Click Here.

Perler Starter Beads - Click Here.

Perler Pegboard - Click Here.

Minimum design size is 3" x 3" completed. Design must be created using BeadCreator. Deadline to enter is June 15th; the winner will be declared July 1st, 2015.

For examples of what other people have created using Perler beads, click here to visit our Pinterest board.

Any questions, please contact us via our support desk.


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