BeadCreator replaces graphed beading patterns with a digital editing suite. It's used worldwide, and known for it's ease of use and fast, friendly technical help. Rather than hear it from us, let some of our users tell you.

Best beading software, don't miss out - Kimberly

Wonderful product for all of your beading creativity! Make a large tapestry for your wall or something as small as a bracelet to adorn your arm, this software does it all. Start with a blank canvas, choose your style of stitch, YOU be the designer! Use a photograph of that special someone in your life and make a project from that, the possibilities are endless. I have also made graphs for color work knitting! Excellent customer service and a great online community -which is there for any questions you may have! Don't miss out on this great product!

Great for beginner or experience beader - Lynn

As a beginner loom beader, I looked everywhere, for a program to convert my ideas into projects. As soon as I saw Beadcreator I knew it was the program for me. I have been using Beadcreator 5 Business Edition for over a year and just upgraded to Beadcreator 6 Pro Plus. I just can't say enough about this new version. It is user frendly, and adaptable. The tech support is fast and easy to understand.The pallets are up to date and the color conversion is accurate. I know of no other program that does as much and is cost effective.

Wonderful software! - Kim in TX

I researched beading pattern software for quite awhile and came to realize this is the best software out there. Customer service is excellent. The software is a little hard to understand in the beginning but the learning curve is fast. I orginally bought this software for beading but have since discovered I can use it for my tapestry crochet patterns. It would also be great for knitting and other patterns. It is very versitile.

Great software - Dana

I love this software and could not be without it for beading. There are so many functions that provide you exactly what you need to create and bead your own patterns or tons of stock patterns. I love it because you can adjust the level of colors with the touch of a button and see the impact to your pattern. Must have for any beader!

I Love It - Elizabeth

This program is great. i use it to make patterns for earrings and other stuff. i can use pictures or my imagination. get it you will love it. the support is great too.

A must for all beaders - A user in Ontario

I have had the beadcreator for yrs...I am still using an older version but am seriously thinking about updating as it has come in so handy when making designs....the people that make this product are the best if you have any issues and the support is the best.


Creativity - Filly

I'm amazed at how much more creativity I've got using this program. It's easy to use and has made beading fun.

BCP is GREAT!! - Eljay

I could not live and bead without this software. I use it all the time, and I have found that with time you learn all the ins and outs. You need to spend time, trying all the different things, and working with the software. I design large tapistries for looming and so far so good. This is worth the money, and no bead designer should be without it.

Excellent Beading Software - Ramona

I have had this software for several years. I have tried others, but I always come back to Bead Creator as no other can compare. From the support staff to the forums and online community, I can always find the answers to any questions I come up with. You can create a bead pattern in several different stitches in a matter of minutes. Complex or simple, from a picture or one bead at a time, creating patterns is a simple task. The patterns can be printed up in just the color chart form or in Word format or both and look very professional. You can't go wrong with this software.