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TileCreator Software


Product Description

Our original program built in 2000 and updated for the last fifteen years, TileCreator Classic makes it easy to create mosaics in the method of opus regulatum, or rows and columns. Every design is built upon a grid that lays individual tiles into a specific row and column position, based upon the image you import into the program and the color palette used for the tile colors. We support color palettes from Bisazza, Trend, Opiocolor, JJ Crystal and others; creating custom color palettes is simple with the built-in PaletteCreator software.

- Import any image and convert to mosaic pattern
- Edit colors, tiles, size, tile size with precise control
- Add fonts to images
- Export finished pattern to PDF for easy assembly
- Use adhesive paper or tile grids (available separately) for assembly
- Supports 25+ color palettes, including
- Bisazza 10mm, 20mm
- Opiocolor 20mm
- Trend 10mm, 20mm
- JJ Color 20mm
- Micromosaics

All purchases include free updates over the life of the version number. Upgrades to higher versions or different titles are usually the difference in cost plus 20%. Includes free technical support via the web.


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